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Parties, Meet Up, and Other Events
Find a local wingman, or trade notes on the best hot spots for meeting women
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Beyond Pick Up News & Events
Free Seminars, Meet Ups, Reviews, and Other News
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Lifestyle Design
Muse Creation / Wealth Creation
Write here your genius ways on getting rich slowly, or maybe your ingenious ways on getting rich quick. Well, they should be working. :) If its plan, lay it all out!
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Life Hacks
Lifestyle Design Experiments. Ideas or just about anything that could improve life, as long as it is effective and efficient, write it here.
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Personal Productivity
Your Life goals, whether short term or long term. Where are you on the journey?
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Social, Dating, Pick up, and Relationships
Realizations and Classic Writings
Deep Identity Level Change, Values, Opinions and Views. Share your thoughts
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General /Newbie Questions
General questions and or Newbie Questions about being social, dating, etc. Ask them here. Got a sticking point or Anything that starts with "So I met this girl..." or "There is this girl that I (Work with, go to school with, etc.)" Ask us about it her
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Techniques and Theories
Got some awesome stuff that you'd like to share? Write here General Techniques about being social (public speaking, social gathering, etc.), dating, pick up, and sex. Remember to Make your post title descriptive.
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on May 9, 2014, 19:33
Field Reports, Text Reports, Lay Reports, Online (Sarging/Gaming) Reports (Label them FR, TR, LR, OR for better organization) Reports are useful in detailing the flow and escalation of an interaction, leading up to a full close, and can be valuable tools
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Entering a relationship or maintaining a relationship - share your thoughts.
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Sex Topics
Things you'd like to know about sex. Techniques, Safety, and other stuff.
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Fitness, Health, and Wellness
Self Renewal
What are you're ways to give energy to your body. Vacation? Movies? Introspection? Tell us here.
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Body Talk
Wanting to Lose weight or Gain weight? Muscle growth or Body Building? Wanting to grow your mass? Check in Here.
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Wisdom Talk
Overall Realizations. You can also write here the learnings that you've had from the shit life throws at you
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8 Types of Women

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Welcome to Pua Philippines Forum…

where Pinoy Pua’s share techniques, tactics, mindsets, values and lifestyle to achieve success not just in the dating arena but also for overall personal Development.

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Here in the Filipino Pua Forum we will discuss topics Within Pick up and Beyond Seduction. Share and learn from other peeps of our Philippine Seduction Community. Share your field and lay reports so that others can learn from it. Browse other member’s reports you might grab something cool. And most of all, Be a responsible human being and be accountable for all the choices you make.

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Dating Advice For Men

Here are some general tips that you can know and use to instantly change your dating and pick up life for the better.

1. Don’t be socially awkward – Relax. Breathe calmly and take things slow. Don’t try to impress.

If you don’t know how to talk or approach “people” just ask something that is common about you and their company. If it’s a cashier at the store ask what time the establishment closes. Ask for opinions, be curious.

There’s always a start. Small talk can be a good way to overcome shyness, anxiety, or sometimes excitement. After you get used to small talk move unto broader and deeper topics. It is somehow also best avoid argumentative topics such as politics and religion.

Some of the good subjects that you can talk about is food, movies, and other general topics.

Don’t be a snob. Be friendly. Smile. Have an open body language.  Understand social norm on know what is creepy from what’s not. Lighten up and focus on the positive things that is around us.

2. Have a sense of style – Some pick up gurus, artist, or enthusiasts would say that looks doesn’t matter. A lot of of guy’s that aren’t really blessed in the looks department can really achieve success with women just with pick up and the skills that you can learn from it. But it is also better if you improve on how you look and how you present yourself.

Exercise. Go to the gym. Go at least thrice a week. Eat healthy foods, take vitamins and meditate or introspect once in a while.

Check out the movies or the switch the television on. Find, choose a cool guy, or your idol of which the style is the one you find cool. Check out magazines and fashion blogs about the latest trends and style. You can ask a friend to help you out.

3. Have something going on with your life – Be passionate. Be active. Tackle your interests and hobbies. Improve in every aspect of you life whether it be with your family, friends, health, wealth, etc.

Finish a goal, achieve something, create something. Touch lives.

4. Life isn’t a race –  Life should be fun and enjoyed. Don’t rush. Set some goals and pursue them one at a time. Put some deadlines.

5. Start dating - You will never know until you try. If you don’t have any girl to ask out, ask the first beautiful girl that you see. Tell her that, you don’t have bad intentions, and the reason that you did talk to her is that you find her attractive and that this may seem forward but you’d like to ask her out.

If she rejects you life goes on and if she accepts your invitation then it’s a win.

Now there are other ways on how you can improve yourself. You can check out our articles and hope you can learn more about pick up and dating at Beyond Pick Up.

- Pick Up Artist Community Philippines