Failure Isn’t That Bad


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I know that in this part of your life, you’ve already experienced a lot of failures and rejections in every aspect of your career, relationship, finance and other areas of life. That’s normal. Don’t worry. That is part of growing-up. Like what they have said, “If you have never experienced any failure, you never tried anything.”

In this life, failure is one of the hardest things to deal with. Sometimes, it is connected to our whole being and to our survival, and that makes it more difficult to cope-up with. It can affect our way of living, source of living and even other people related and dependent to us.

But you know what?

Failure can’t make you weak, the way you perceive it can!

If you let failure to stop you from moving forward, you will lose the battle. Failure is just a term to describe something that you can’t achieve at the moment because you need to improve yourself more, acquire some skills and learn valuable lessons for you to succeed. Failure is always temporary because you can try and try again. Giving-up can make it permanent. If you don’t want to fail, it is just simple, REMOVE FAILURE FROM YOUR VOCABULARY and NEVER STOP UNTIL YOU BECOME SUCCESSFUL! Always remember that trying again for the 2nd, 3rd, or even 100th time is always free. Just make sure to learn the lessons every time you fail.

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Change your formula, re-asses your life, improve your skills and develop yourself, these are the things that you need to do in order to change the results. Reacting negatively can’t help because it can only make you feel down. You don’t need to feel down, you need to gather yourself and prepare for the next battle, as simple as that. But sometimes, people stop trying and just accept failure because they lose their hope. You must resist failure! Never accept and settle for anything less if you believe that you deserve to win.


Never let your desire runs out. It is your fuel to keep you moving even in the middle of a failure. It can push you to stand-up and to try again. Keep your desires burning by not focusing on the negative side and by believing in the power of yourself.

Don’t be afraid of failure because every fear consumes energy and hope. Just put in your mind that no matter what the result is, you can learn something from it. Lessons and experiences can breed success while inaction is a form of failure, because you rejected yourself even before you do it.

Always remember that failure is not about falling down, it is about the refusal to get up.

No matter how hard it is for you to fail, don’t lose your hope, because if you continue pushing yourself, you will later realize that there is really a light at the end of the tunnel.


Continue holding your head up high and FIGHT every failure with pride! You are already a CHAMPION and you will always be!




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