Why the Holiday Season is Great for Pick Up, Relationships, & More

Is there a difference between an ordinary day and a holiday? NO! Same factors, same procedures, same techniques and same principles BUT you can use the holidays to your advantage.

How to use holidays to your advantage

1. It is a great time to build rapport or connection

You and your girl have the same event or same holiday so it is time to build deeper connections with her. Talk about your past experiences about that holiday, talk about your future plans for that day for the coming years, talk about your wishes, and so on. Just having the same day is a piece of conversational thread that you and her can understand and share so it is an opportunity to talk and build rapport.

2. It is a great time to re engage

Some of your targets, get tired of talking to you, messaging you and seeing you BUT if it is holiday, you can re-open her. Most people are so OPEN on meeting friends, classmates, acquaintances, etc. on holiday. It is a great time for people to visit others that become significant to them so if your previous sets/targets stop texting or talking to you the past few months, RE-OPEN her. You have the same holiday so it is an opportunity to re-build the emotional connection.

3. It is a great time to hang out with a woman

Most people wanted to have a meaningful and a memorable holiday so it is an opportunity for you to set-up some activities for the two of you to hang-out and spend the holiday together, as long as your activities are interesting and can pump her curiosity and other emotions.

If you can make her holiday an unforgettable one, she will never forget you, time will past but your moments together will remain. If you love someone, spend time with her during holidays and make it a memorable one.

4. It is a great time meet a lot of new friends

Holiday is a time of love and understanding. Even if you are a complete stranger people will rarely reject your approach. Just greet every person in front of you,  make new friends and socialize. There is no better time on socializing than the time that everyone is celebrating.

And countless more opportunities

Spend time with your family and friends, meet a lot of people, share some blessings, give value to others and spread some LOVE.

Holiday is a great time to heal broken bonds so start recreating your relationship with other people, forget the past mistakes and past regrets. It’s a time to contemplate and be grateful for what you have, people, love, health, wealth, etc.

AND don’t forget to stay happy and awesome even if it isn’t holiday. Everyday is a great day, and we must learn to celebrate it. The fact that we are breathing and still kicking, we must celebrate! because there’s still a chance to improve ourselves and heal the pain of yesterday!


SANTA sexy


CELEBRATE LIFE, Be Positive and keep on pumping your AWESOMENESS up!!!


- Scorpy



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